I was born Anthony Lamar Hubbard Jr. on March 9th 1992 and grew up on the south side of Chicago. As a kid I always had an ear for music. My older cousins would always listen to songs that I wasn’t familiar with and this sparked my fascination with beats and lyrics; that’s when I knew I had found a love for music. I’d say my MC name kind of found me. I took Jr. from my name and just started calling myself J.R. But now I use it as an acronym meaning: Jonny Ra. I used Jonny because it’s a random name/person that I think I turn into every time I record a track and everyone who hears my music for the first time says that it’s not me so Jonny just fits. Ra is short for Rasta because of my locs and it is Egyptian for SunGod.

I consider myself an all around MC. I don't like to be put in a box. There is so much in the world listeners are missing out on from: Rock, Pop, Indie, Jazz ETC. My goal is to open peoples minds by bringing those styles into Hip-Hop while still being able to tell my story.

I earned my Bachelors in Communication (December 2014) and my Masters in Film Production (July 2016).

I'm currently working as a Camera Operator & Floor Director at a news station in Louisville, KY as I still pursue music. I also have plans to release my first short film soon.